Monday, January 5, 2009

Who are the Kurds?

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Get your facts straight!

The Kurds in Turkey
Kurds in Amêd (Turkish: Diyarbakir)

The Kurds in Turkey (northern Kurdistan) are estimated at between 20 and 25 million. In Turkey recognizes not even the Kurds' existence. Everything is prohibited regarding Kurds and Kurdistan. The uprisings by Kurds achieved by the turn of the century and until the 30's were crushed in the most inhuman manner. Children, women and old burned in the woods or inside closed in mountain caves. Thousands of Kurds were deported from Kurdistan to the western parts of Turkey, especially to the Konya region.

The Kurds in Iran

Kurdish nomad girls dancing in eastern Kurdistan (Iran)

The Kurds in Iran , fought side by side with other Iranians to overthrow the non-democratic and unfair Shah system. It acted for improvement. But the result was anything but democracy and justice. A reactionary and undemocratic Islamic leadership, which is well known for terror took power. In the beginning controlled Kurds throughout their area. But Khomeny declared a so-called "weekend wars" against the Kurds and Islamic troops father of Kurdistan. They devastate everything to mitigate the Kurdish uprising. In the first year executed more than 50,000 Kurds.

The Kurds in Iraq

The famous Welcome to Kurdistan sign in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq)

The Kurds in Iraq's dictatorial regime in Iraq has been conducting a racist policy against kurderna.Den trying to destroy all Kurdish. Terror, humiliation, forced displacement and förarabisering of Kurdistan is the regime's policies. Kurds freedom quest response was to chemical weapons.

The Kurds in Syria

Kurdish wedding in western Kurdistan (Syria)

Syria introduced subconscious silence an Arabization policy against Kurds. It has no identity documents and Kurds as refugees, although they have lived there for generations. The Syrian Kurdistan, the Kurds are not any armed struggle, but motståndsrörelen try to peacefully achieve the goals that are fair and jämlighet for the Kurds.

Ez kurd im!


To the United Nations general secretariat

To those who have the power of attorney to internationally issue documents concerning human rights and to those who have the mandate/power over international and political issues.

Chapter 2 in the UN charter states that people should be able to control their own future. In chapter 3 you can read that human rights and fundamental freedom in spite of race, sex, language and religion should be respected.

In 1639 the signing of a treaty known as “Kasr- I shirin” by the Ottoman and the Persian Empires divided the province known as Kurdistan.

After WW I the Ottoman Empire was dissolved and new borders were drawn on the 24th of July 1923. A meeting in Lausanne between representatives of the Turkish republic and its WWI-allies split the part of Kurdistan that lay in the Ottoman Empire into three new parts. Today Kurdistan is divided into four parts in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

35-40 million Kurds live in the Middle East and their will to be recognised as a people and to establish a Kurdish state is not even acknowledged. The Kurdish people’s existence and their culture are excluded from Turkish, Arabic and Iranian laws and constitutions. The Kurdish people are not even accepted as a minority population and Kurdistan is not even considered to be a province. The country that we the Kurds have lived in for thousands of years is seen upon as a country ruled by Turks, Arabs and Persians. In other words we don’t exist on this planet. We lack status, and our own language, culture and traditions are forbidden, rejected and ignored.

The four states that occupy Kurdistan have the following objectives: to assimilate and deny the existence of the Kurds, to annihilate those who are against their cruelty and their barbaric repercussions. Their objective is to destroy, our history, our culture and our way of life. Our history is filled with demonstrations and rebellions against the violence handed out by these cruel states, violence that we have been exposed to for many centuries. Our struggle for freedom and justice still prevails today in our divided and troubled Kurdistan.

Why don’t we have the right to an independent and free country when all the other people on earth have that right? Today there are a number of countries containing minority groups and these groups are slowly gaining their freedom and independence. One example is Kosovo, a land that in February 2008 gained the right to break finally away from Serbia and become an independent country. We want that same right, the same right that will give us freedom and independence. We want to decide over our own fate and destiny. It is not the Turkish, the Persian or the Arabic countries that created us. We have existed as Kurds in Kurdistan since time and memorial. We are not immigrants.

Every day we risk torture, imprisonment and our lives for expressing our identity and just uttering the concept of “Kurdistan” is enough to be classified as a terrorist and punished thereafter. As Kurds we want justice and our human freedom and rights secured. We want our coming generations to be able to speak their own language and to know their own culture. We want to live without the fears that threaten our very existence. Germany apologized for the holocaust during WWII. Australia apologized to the Aborigines. We on the other hand are still murdered in our own country. No one apologizes for the murder of Kurds.

To the powers that deny us our freedom and rights we want to deliver the message that we will never stop campaigning for a free Kurdistan.

To all the countries and institutions that have the power to make this change we lay our fate and faith in your hands. The world order that applies to all other nations should also be applied to Kurds. Therefore we ask of you to help us create a sovereign state called Kurdistan and help us be recognised as a people and a nation.

We demand our human rights as a people and as a nation and we demand the return of our country.

Learn Kurdish

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Start blogging!

Start commenting and write your thaugths on the web so that the whole world can be influenced . Write for Kurdistan!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Educate others about Newroz!

Happy Newroz!

Newroz is a holiday celebrated by the Kurds as their national day to welcome the beautiful spring. Newroz is often called Persian holiday that the Kurds celebrate, this is why you should act and contact the newspapers and TV/radio stations to inform them about Newroz.

Offer media to come and speak about the Kurdish Newroz!

Before informing the media, educate yourself about Newroz:

Every year on March 21st, the Kurdish people celebrate Newroz. In the Kurdish language,
Newroz means "new day", by which the Kurds mean the first day of spring. The Kurdish
calendar begins on this day. Newroz, therefore, is the new day, the first day of spring, the
first day of the new year.

Kurdish nation has been celebrating Newroz since the time of
ancient history. This tradition dates back to the myth of Kawa the
Blacksmith. On March 21st in the year 612 B.C., Kawa killed the Assyrian
tyrant Dehak and liberated the Kurds and many other peoples in the Middle
East. Dehak was an evil king who represented cruelty, abuse, and the
enslavement of peoples. People used to pray every day for God to help
them to get rid of Dehak. On Newroz day, Kawa led a popular uprising and
surrounded Dehak's palace. Kawa then rushed passed the king's guards and
grabbed Dehak by the neck. Kawa then struck the evil tyrant on the head
with a hammer and dragged him off his throne. With this heroic deed, Kawa
set the people free and proclaimed freedom throughout the land. A huge
fire was light on the mountain tops to send a message: firstly to thank
God for helping them defeat Dehak, and secondly to the people to tell
them they were free. This is where the tradition of the Newroz fire
The Kurdish association with Newroz has become increasingly pronounced since the 1950s when the Kurds in the Middle East and those in diaspora in Europe started adopting it as a tradition.
In combination with the persecution they suffered in Turkey, the revival of the Newroz celebration become more intense and politicized and became a symbol of their resurrection. By the end of the 1980s Newroz was mainly associated with Kurdish identity and the attempts to express and resurrect it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Know your history!

Our history is our past, read about our history!
You could start off with learning the former Kurdish states/republics

Read about:
Mahabad Republic
Soran Emirate
Kingdom of Kurdistan
Republic of Ararat

Celebrate the establishment of the Mahabad Republic in Stockholm!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Attend at demonstrations!

The coming Turkish invasion and warfare against southern Kurdistan (Iraq) as you maybe heard and read about is a perfect opportunity for you together with Kurds around the world to show your discontent.

Therefore, you should attend at every demonstration with your family and friends.

Demonstrations against the Turkish invasion:

  • USA
  • London ( England )

10 Downing Street
27th of October
11 am to 2 PM

  • Stockholm (Sweden)
Sunday 28 October
Time: 13.00
Place: Sergels Torg


  • Göteborg (Sweden)
Sunday 28 October.
Time: 15.00
Place: Gustav Adolfs Torg.

  • Karlstad (Sweden)
Thursday 25 October
Time: 17.00
Place: Stora Torget

  • Örebro (Sweden)

Saturday 27 October
Time: 13.00
Place: Police station
  • Kopenhagen (Denmark)
Saturday 27 October
Time: 13.00
Place: Vesterbro Torv

  • Kopenhagen (Denmark)

Sunday 28 October
Time: 15.00
Place: Rådhuspladsen

  • Oslo (Norway)
Saturday 27 October
Time: 12.00

  • Netherlands
Friday 26 October
Time: 13.00-15.00
Place:Ambassade van Turkije in Nederland (Jan Evertplaats 15 2514 BS Den haag)
  • USA (Nashville, Tennessee)
Friday 25 October
Place: Downtown, Broadway, in front of the Federal Building

Demonstration in Zaxo, Southern Kurdistan against the Turkish threat

Sign this petition against the Turkish invasion of S.Kurdistan!