Monday, January 5, 2009

Who are the Kurds?

(Video: What is a Kurd?)

Funny video? Yeah!
You dont want to sound like any of them right?
Get your facts straight!

The Kurds in Turkey
Kurds in Amêd (Turkish: Diyarbakir)

The Kurds in Turkey (northern Kurdistan) are estimated at between 20 and 25 million. In Turkey recognizes not even the Kurds' existence. Everything is prohibited regarding Kurds and Kurdistan. The uprisings by Kurds achieved by the turn of the century and until the 30's were crushed in the most inhuman manner. Children, women and old burned in the woods or inside closed in mountain caves. Thousands of Kurds were deported from Kurdistan to the western parts of Turkey, especially to the Konya region.

The Kurds in Iran

Kurdish nomad girls dancing in eastern Kurdistan (Iran)

The Kurds in Iran , fought side by side with other Iranians to overthrow the non-democratic and unfair Shah system. It acted for improvement. But the result was anything but democracy and justice. A reactionary and undemocratic Islamic leadership, which is well known for terror took power. In the beginning controlled Kurds throughout their area. But Khomeny declared a so-called "weekend wars" against the Kurds and Islamic troops father of Kurdistan. They devastate everything to mitigate the Kurdish uprising. In the first year executed more than 50,000 Kurds.

The Kurds in Iraq

The famous Welcome to Kurdistan sign in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq)

The Kurds in Iraq's dictatorial regime in Iraq has been conducting a racist policy against kurderna.Den trying to destroy all Kurdish. Terror, humiliation, forced displacement and förarabisering of Kurdistan is the regime's policies. Kurds freedom quest response was to chemical weapons.

The Kurds in Syria

Kurdish wedding in western Kurdistan (Syria)

Syria introduced subconscious silence an Arabization policy against Kurds. It has no identity documents and Kurds as refugees, although they have lived there for generations. The Syrian Kurdistan, the Kurds are not any armed struggle, but motståndsrörelen try to peacefully achieve the goals that are fair and jämlighet for the Kurds.

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