Thursday, September 20, 2007

I can´t find Kurdistan on the map!

You can learn about Kurdistan and the history of Kurdistan easy if you browse and search the web.

P1 -Where are you from?
P2 -Well, I am from Kurdistan?
P1 -Kurdistan? I am familiar with the middle east but I have never heard of Kurdistan!
A ordinary situation when somebody wonders where you are from often ends up in a conversation when you are kind of forced to lecture your friend about your herritage and your non-existing country.

This is why you must be prepared.

  • Learn about your history here (short and clear):

Kurdistan is since 1924 a country divided in four countries, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

The Kurdish people is estimated to be around 35-40 million people and the diffrent parts of Kurdistan is called Northern Kurdistan (Turkey), Southern Kurdistan (Iraq),Western Kurdistan (Syria) and Eastern Kurdistan (Iran).

The Kurdish language is comprised of two major dialects and several sub-dialects:
Kurmancî and Soranî.

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Miss Manic's Mind said...

Hey, nice blog.

I agree with this post! Every new person you meet - this is the standard intro to the conversation!

However, there are hundreds of dialects - not several.

Keep up the good work
Your fellow Kurd