Sunday, October 21, 2007

Attend at demonstrations!

The coming Turkish invasion and warfare against southern Kurdistan (Iraq) as you maybe heard and read about is a perfect opportunity for you together with Kurds around the world to show your discontent.

Therefore, you should attend at every demonstration with your family and friends.

Demonstrations against the Turkish invasion:

  • USA
  • London ( England )

10 Downing Street
27th of October
11 am to 2 PM

  • Stockholm (Sweden)
Sunday 28 October
Time: 13.00
Place: Sergels Torg


  • Göteborg (Sweden)
Sunday 28 October.
Time: 15.00
Place: Gustav Adolfs Torg.

  • Karlstad (Sweden)
Thursday 25 October
Time: 17.00
Place: Stora Torget

  • Örebro (Sweden)

Saturday 27 October
Time: 13.00
Place: Police station
  • Kopenhagen (Denmark)
Saturday 27 October
Time: 13.00
Place: Vesterbro Torv

  • Kopenhagen (Denmark)

Sunday 28 October
Time: 15.00
Place: Rådhuspladsen

  • Oslo (Norway)
Saturday 27 October
Time: 12.00

  • Netherlands
Friday 26 October
Time: 13.00-15.00
Place:Ambassade van Turkije in Nederland (Jan Evertplaats 15 2514 BS Den haag)
  • USA (Nashville, Tennessee)
Friday 25 October
Place: Downtown, Broadway, in front of the Federal Building

Demonstration in Zaxo, Southern Kurdistan against the Turkish threat

Sign this petition against the Turkish invasion of S.Kurdistan!

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KULKA said...

how can i sign it? i would like but i dont know that language.