Saturday, September 15, 2007

10 simple things you can do right now for Kurdistan!

The list has been written by the user A55 (

  • 1. Create a blog about Kurds. The more blogs we have about Kurdistan and Kurdish culture the better.
  • 2. Be active on Wikipedia, add articles, and be active in promoting Kurdish history and culture.
  • 3. Create a group IRL in your city, that you meet each week to discuss politics. Be creative. Do not be afraid to discuss politics. We HAVE to learn to discuss our difference not our common. Find activities to do, like create a dance group, open a seminar at your university or school.
  • 4. Create a website with photos from your Kurdistan trips. Power up Google Images with Kurdish and Kurdistan.
  • 5. Promote Kurdish Language. Go to courses or ask for help from friends and schools to learn your mother language. If you are good at it, offer your help to those Kurdish youth that cannot speak Kurdish.
  • 6. Write an article about Kurdistan to your local newspaper. Give your hope and dreams of a country of our own. Promote the greater Kurdistan.
  • 7. Donate money in several Kurdish organizations. If you don’t have money, find sponsors from companies that could donate money for Kurdish youth non-political organizations.
  • 8. Become active your local non-Kurdish political parties. Having Kurds in American or European political organizations has the most profound effect on foreign affairs.
  • 9. Send a letter to your local politicians to include the Kurdish struggle in their events and discussions.
  • 10. Be a role model for other Kurdish youth. Be active. Become productive. Promote Kurdistan and Kurdish culture. Make sure that follow your steps!

1 comment:

Harman said...

What ur doing is just great, and I am very impressed by these actions....

But I want to comment on third point, 2nd half of it:

"3. Be creative. Do not be afraid to discuss politics. We HAVE to learn to discuss our difference not our common."

This is not allowed here,South Kurdistan, may be outside it's allowed, but here if u talked about differences then u will find urself in jail, and what I am saying to u is just truth....

Here, the 2 main parties does not allow any freedom of speech, once u talked something difference, or something that affect their Economy will lead to disaster and u will lose everything, even ur life....

The reason why we will never progress, we are our own enemy....

Thanks again for ur nice and great site...