Saturday, September 15, 2007

What could I do for Kurdistan (Introduction)

Welcome fellow Kurds and Kurdistanians

Our struggle has since time immemorial went on, and it is our responsible to continue it, it is our sense of duty.
This is why I started this blog.

The main purpose is to wake up the Kurdish youth that still sleeps and encourage them to get involved in the Kurdish situation.
This blog mainly has it´s focus on especialy the Kurds living in exile all around the world to take advantage of the democratic systems that they live in to express themselves and to be visible as representatives of Kurdistan.
Beeing nationalistic is not enough thesee days, act instead!

Do what you do, but with with a Kurdish perspective so that we can build up our homeland, the Kurdish guerila warfare era is almost over and we need educated compatriots and their knowledge, we can not depend on others to help us!

Study, inform, be active and get involved in the democratic societies that you live in and make them aware of our situation!

Enjoy this blog!

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